Office cleaning


Sri cleaning service understands the cleaning problems that office and property managers face today. We are well trained and equipped to address all your small office cleaning issues. Our goal is to exceed your cleaning standards and let you focus on your business rather than the dirt on your office floor. Our aim is to get the job done without causing any disruption to your business. Our clients range from single office locations to multi storey buildings with numerous tenants and a variety of areas and surfaces. We understand that a clean office service can bring substantial benefits to your business environment.

Your staff will be able to concentrate better, and your clients will be impressed and have a positive view towards your business. Our Sydney small office cleaning services provide immaculate cleaning using environmentally safe methods. Our experienced team members always aim to cover every part of your office, even those you may not pay attention to at all, observe every aspect of your property and report to you about the areas you should keep an eye on. With our small office cleaning services, you need never worry about any cleaning issues for your business again.

With small office cleaning services Sydney, we understand how to minimize disruption that can have a negative impact on your business. We can arrange our cleaning periodic or regular visits on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis that integrates seamlessly with your business requirements.

Our experience in this area ensures you receive a consistent high-quality office cleaning service to ensure your workplace is cleaner and healthier for both your staff and visitors with a proven track record. Cleaning services commence with a tailored, mutually agreed set of cleaning specifications which includes tasks and frequency.

This could include basic tasks such as 

  • • emptying rubbish bins 
  • • bathroom cleaning 
  • • kitchen cleaning 
  • • vacuuming 
  • • dusting 
  • • desk cleaning 
  • • window cleaning 
  • • packing and unpacking dishwashers 
  • • disinfecting telephone handsets 

Our services can also include tasks such as 

  • • polishing and machine scrubbing common areas 
  • • car park floor maintenance 
  • • front façade cleaning 
  • • and much more